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The correct nomenclature is determined by the design of the gas applaince / Gas Fireplace



Out of all three types of Gas Fireplace, B vent Gas Fireplaces are the

most similar to wood-burning fireplaces, in regard to aesthetics, or looks.

Wood-burning fireplaces can be converted into a B-vent or Vented Gas Fireplace.

There are two ways of achieving this type of conversion.

  • Gas Fireplace Insert

  • Gas Log Set


Gas Fireplace Inserts and Gas Log Sets are both 

considered "Vented Gas Fireplace Systems."

Neither style unit is rated as a heating appliance, and you

will find that any identifying tag will read "decoritive only."

As much as 80% of the heat is vented out the chimney or vents.

This is due to the way the Gas Fireplace is designed, which is

intended to give the most realistic look with flames actually

Coming under and around the logs. Even though this is true,

you will still get a small amount of radiating heat from the unit.

Alternatively you can also get a blower system installed.

A blower system will circulate the heat building up around the firebox,

making your unit much more efficent. B-vent (vented) gas lof fireplace units

always vent upwards vertically. They may or may not have glass doors.

Always open your fireplace doors before you turn the burner on.

(Earlier models of Gas Fireplace insert , and Gas Log Sets were based on this design).

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