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Helpful Safety And Maintenance Tips for Gas Fireplace Inserts, And Gas Log Sets

Gas Logs are a beautiful and cozy accent, and can easily change the whole personality of a home but neglecting them, could be just as dangerous as not maintaining your furnace. The manufactures recommend annual service to keep them safe. With a little education, and a recurring annual maintenance program, Gas Fireplaces pose very little risk at all, with hardly any reported injury. especially when in comparison to wood fireplaces - There's just no contest. Brogan's Gas Fireplace Repair believes that understanding How Gas Fireplace Heating Systems work, and knowing what to look out for and what to do if there is an emergency are key to the safe enjoyment of a Gas Fireplace, and this level of service should

be performed on all fireplaces and heating devices.

Everything looks great, or so it did the last time we used it...

As technicians, we hear this almost everyday. Often right before encountering the most problematic unit you can recall. Saying this to a technician is very similar to walking out on an inpatient floor of a hospital and mentioning out loud the "Q-word." Don't do it please and thank you, and if you do by mistake, then absolutely run because there is not a shoe sale in the ambulatory wing, that angry herd of nurse is coming for you, and we don't know you.

Seriously though If your unit has gone years without service please understand that you have been very lucky for many years. Most Gas Fireplace owners do not share your luck, so you may want to not mention your golden child fireplace around them.

Your fireplace is either breathing all the dust we humans create which can clog it up, or they are breathing whatever dust, dirt, and debris that is flying around outside. Point being, that fire breaths air... and everything in it. Fireplaces and dusty/dirty debris... Not good bedfellows.

Here's another one you hear quite often.

You have a Thermocouple & Thermopile system, and the burner is going out, but the pilot is staying staying lit, then we know its not the thermocouple. The Thermocouple keeps the pilot lit, so if the pilot is still lit, than the failing part is something else, but what is it? Almost everything you read on the internet is going to suggest a bad thermocouple, so it is to be taken with a grain of salt. But if you do think it's the Thermocouple, Clean it off with a wire-brush or sandpaper, if you want to put you and your family at risk... The most important safety feature on your GAS FED appliance stopes working properly and suddenly want to audition for the pretty good kind of good pretty sure show? think back to the commercial when the family was in the shark cage and the comedian was saying he was pretty sure it was safe. This is just my opinion, but once you say it out loud it sounds a little reckless. If that fixes it great! You've now narrowed it down to three things, all of which are potentially dangerous, and the next call should be to a professional company that's licensed and insured, Like Brogan's Gas Fireplace Repair!


In the above issue that was described, More than likely it was a bad switch. It could be the wall or remote switch which are easy to find and understand. Sometimes there is a tiny little rocker switch that hides in the metal corner of the unit that just needs to be flipped. The deeper you go into Gas Log Fireplace Inserts the more complex they get. Modern Gas Fireplace systems have a number of safety mechanisms built into the units, so they could not function if something went wrong. The problem is it makes them prone to getting messed up, and not operating the way Gas Logs are supposed to.

Staying informed about what your Gas Log Fireplace insert contractor is specifically working on at present, and their progress is one of the best ways to ensure that you are both on the same page, and will help you address any issues or miscommunications quickly so you can be enjoying your new Gas Logs, or Gas Insert as soon as possible.

One of the most important tips is that any time you have an issue with gas, you don't mess with it, unless you not only are certified, but have been practicing and have hands-on training with a master fireplace tech, and proficiency's. This will also help you prevent a major incident, and it is really just the proper thing to do.

Another helpful tip regarding Gas Fireplaces, is that you should run it for a couple of minutes once every week. This will help burn off Dust that builds up around the unit. it will also help burn off the humidity that builds up in the firebox and leads to rusting. In turn, this will also kill the bugs that turn the inactive fireplace into their makeshift home. Dust, bugs, and rust are the worst enemies of a Gas Log Fireplace System. Bee's and Wasp like to build nest in the void between the wall and the firebox. On the other side of the vinyl siding. you may have to actually use chemicals or call an exterminator to eradicate these guys. Please use your discretion. If it appears to be a honey bee hive in there, consider asking a Local Bee Keeper what you should do.

🤔Customer: What gives? I've done everything the internet said to do, and the ridiculous author of this blog... now what?

😨Author: I don't know are you sure the shut-off valve is in the correct- hey wait a minute...

Did you Call Brogan's yet?

🥵Customer: Ummmm Yes??

🤦‍♂Author: you didn't, did you?

😵‍💫Customer: No... No I didn't. I'll Call Brogan's....


Gas does not Forgive. Gas and Gas Log Fireplace Inserts need to be respected through proper training. Even sometimes with the proper training, Gas can prove to be obnoxious, noxious, and in reality, FATAL. Not everyone is Bob Vila.

Sorry Bob...

IF you aren't, please at least get educated before tampering with Gas.

People not following the rules are usually the cause of Gas Related injury and death. Follow the Safety rules and all will be well and you can just flip a switch and viola!... or Eureka!... or whatever it is that you say...

Couldn't Resist!

Ok that was the last one I promise.

AND when there is an issue with your gas logs, Gas Fireplaces, or Gas Inserts, Call Brogan's Gas Fireplace Repair. Click a little further down If you would like to set up an appointment for Gas Fireplace Repair or Check out what services we offer

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