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How much does a gas fireplace repair cost?

Updated: Oct 5, 2022


Gas Logs and Gas Inserts have taken over the Fireplace Empire, thus rendering the wood-burning fireplace archaic in the minds of many. Gas Fireplaces have become the number one type of fireplace system that builders use in new construction. This is because a Gas Fireplace is typically safer, and just as aesthetically pleasing, but without all the mess that is virtually unavoidable with a wood-burning fireplace. Gas fireplaces are less likely to catch your house on fire, but if they aren't frequently maintained, they can still pose health risks. Unusual noises, bad smells, and flames not properly igniting are symptoms of a Gas Log Fireplace system in dire need of service/repair.

What is included in this cost comparison?

  1. Average Repair Cost for a Gas Fireplace / Gas Log Fireplace with Brogan's Gas Fireplace Repair.

  2. Typical Prices of Competitors

  3. The price of permits and inspections for fireplaces

  4. Carbon monoxide alarm prices (we added this because every time we interact with the community, no matter what the occasion, we want to push Gas Log Fireplace Education and safety).

  5. How Much Can be saved with the Annual Maintenance Subscription?

Average Repair Cost for a Gas Fireplace / Gas Log Fireplace with Brogan's Gas Fireplace Repair.

The cost of this service ranges from $165 to 205 *FOR 1 UNIT, depending on the complexity of the problem, type of payment, and whether you want to add other services Like a gas fireplace cleaning, This involves routine cleaning, as well as a thorough examination of the parts and various systems. The best month to arrange this is September. If you pay the $20's for the Service Warranty, you are covered for service all heating season. continue reading for more details within this article.

Average prices of competitors

Many of our competitors charge between $200 and $350 per hour. A service call's cost may increase by several hundred dollars if wires or other parts need to be replaced.

A remote system replacement costs between $150 and $200.

Repairing or replacing the pilot light is approximately $380 on average.

Replacing the glass enclosure can be $500-900.

The main control valve is typically the most expensive part of your gas fireplace. They usually actually are expensive and the typical cost of this can be several hundred dollars. Of course one of the biggest things that separates us from other companies is that once you have had service and the service warranty, you only pay for the part, and are not charged anything additional for labor/service.

The price of permits and inspections for fireplaces

If a gas fireplace requires significant repair work, the homeowner should plan to pay for building permits and make arrangements for a city inspector to approve the project. This can range from $900 to $1400. Thankfully, work that extensive is very rare.

Carbon monoxide alarm prices

To maintain safety, every gas fireplace needs to have a functional carbon monoxide alarm. In reality, California law mandates one in every home, and building permits are used to enforce this requirement. For a good, dependable, and highly recommended detector, carbon monoxide alarms cost from $80.00 to $100.00 more.

Costs of Annual Maintenance

An annual maintenance visit will ensure that your gas fireplace operates securely throughout the winter. This involves routine service as well as a thorough examination of the Gas Log system. September is the ideal month to arrange this. You may still purchase a warranty that will cover gas log fireplace repairs throughout the heating season.

Gas Fireplace Inserts and Gas Log Fireplaces occasionally require multiple service calls, as the safety features built-in can be very sensitive. This is one of the reasons we unquestionably always advise purchasing the Service warranty. As long as it is completed/started in August, the service warranty protects you beginning on the day of service, and through the following march. You won't need to pay another service or labor cost while the warranty is in effect. You would only pay for the part (if one is needed at that point) and a fuel fee (at least $20.00 and no more than $30.00 would be asked of you).

Like any project that affects the home's integrity, and/or structural stability - gas fireplace repairs and gas log services should be properly planned and carried out by a qualified expert. Even running the vac system with improper filters, improper type of vac, or having an unqualified technician operating the vac, can cause thousands of dollars in repairs. Soot is VERY hard to clean up and almost certainly will require a professional cleanup crew. One soot accident can rack up over 100,000 dollars in repairs depending on many variables, but this happened to a company in Chesapeake Virginia last year.

The experts at Brogan's Gas Fireplace Repair in Coastal Virginia (also known as Hampton Roads, Virginia Beach, Southeastern Virginia, Tidewater Virginia, The Virginia Peninsula, which includes Williamsburg, Isle of Wight County Virginia, and even The Eastern Shore) also check for gas leaks, Carbon Monoxide, and any parts that may have been damaged. We clean the pilot head and replace the embers when necessary, and if you wanted a more in-depth cleaning, you may even add the service of deep cleaning for 20 additional dollars. Whatever your Gas Fireplace needs, we're there for you so Give us a call or schedule online.

If you have any issues or have any questions at all, you may always text the office number and a technician will respond when one becomes available.

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